The Pathway Academy Trust was founded in October 2015 by the Governing Bodies of Culverstone Green Primary School and Riverview Infant School. These forward-thinking schools based in Gravesham, pro-actively sought to convert to academy status to formalise and enhance their existing close working relationship. The headteachers of both schools are Local Leaders in Education and are committed to supporting and developing others to raise the standard of education for all children in Kent.

Message from Our Directors

Encouraged by the government’s agenda for all schools to become academies; in particular for local primary schools to join together; the governors of Culverstone Green Primary School and Riverview Infant School took the opportunity to secure the future of our schools by forming our own Multi Academy Trust.

The trust’s founding members invited governors from both schools to serve on the Board of Directors based on their skills in education and business.

Guided by our experienced and successful leadership team, we believe that collaborative working across the trust will enrich the opportunities for all of our children, providing a nurturing environment in which they can thrive and reach their full potential.

The Trust Vision

The Pathway Academy Trust - leading the way in the pursuit of excellence: in the spirit of collaboration and inspiration, through a creative, inclusive and child-centred education.

Learning is at the centre of our pedagogy. We firmly believe learning is a partnership and that through working collaboratively we will achieve the highest outcomes for all. We believe that every child is unique and ensure that learning experiences are tailored to meet the needs of individual children. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality learning experiences; learning is fun, practical and engaging. Children are enthusiastic, motivated independent learners. They feel safe, valued and included and are aspirational about their futures.

The Trust Aims

We will collaborate to utilise the strengths and achievements within our community of schools in order to improve:

  • Teaching & Learning: delivering outstanding outcomes for children
  • Personnel: disseminating good practice and providing excellent development opportunities and resources
  • Strategic Leadership: providing an excellent framework of governance and leadership and building a strong reputation as a successful and high quality educational organisation

The Trust Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that all of the schools within The Pathway Academy Trust are providing a good quality of education for our children.

The Trust Team

The Trust Team, comprising of the Executive Leadership Team and Trust Central Team, supports each of our schools in meeting their statutory and regulatory requirements while aiding and managing operational services across the Trust.

The School Leadership

The Trust Leadership Team, comprising of the Chief Executive Officer, Deputy CEO and Head Teachers, meet regularly and work together to drive school improvement in all areas of The Pathway Academy Trust.

Local Governing Bodies

Each school within The Pathway Academy Trust has retained a Local Governing Body (LGB) to monitor the standards of Teaching and Learning at local level.